Why GNosis?

Big Data empowers enterprise to change

We believe that the better one can grab a hold and analyze their data, the better informed one will be and thus the better decisions can be made. Enterprise can through the use of the data gain a better insight into their business. Data gets you there!

Big Data, Cloud, and Open Source solutions

Aside from offering Big Data solutions using our software The BIGbox to your environment, we also bring in cloud as a delivery mechanism (if this option is required), and open source technologies esp. Hadoop. In summary, we bring Big Data to you in a most convenient and economical manner without burning a hole in your pocket.

Big Data to solve the hardest problems

Big Data fills and fuels an enterprise's passion for data and not just finding the answers one's looking for - it also means finding answers to the questions you didn't know to ask. By partnering with GNosis, we will help you solve your tough business and data problems, not just to gain a suite of technology.

Big Data research

At GNosis, we are partnered with A*Star, the premier research institute in Singapore and working in conjunction with A*Star, we bring out the latest research efforts in Business Analytics to the industry. Our premium flagship product, the BIGbox, in fact is built from using the research efforts of A*Star and us. This has enabled our IP to always be at the forefront of technology.

Big Data learning

LithanHall, the premier government accredited and certified educational institute, is partnering with GNosis to develop and run courses (short and professional degrees) in Big Data. We believe this is the best way to educate working adults either to upgrade their skills or to gain the practical skills and competencies they need to successfully shift their careers towards a higher-demand profession such as Data Engineers and Data Scientists. Our cooperative education framework integrates classroom learning, practical hands-on training and industry internships.